Learn about the journey of the Africans in Suriname on this engaging historical and cultural tour. The African Journey will bring you to the interior to the tribal societies of the descendants of escaped African slaves (Maroons) to observe craft making, spiritual rituals, and healing and pharmacology practices. It will take you to the northern coast to a traditional village of the Creoles, the offspring of former slaves of mixed African-European descent. In Paramaribo, you will hear more about the rich history of this diverse people.

The African Journey can help interested travelers immerse themselves in the history and traditions of the Surinamese Africans. On this tour, you will undoubtedly be amazed to see that many African customs have been preserved from the 1700s. 



What‘s included

  • 8 nights at a 4-star hotel in Paramaribo
  • 7 days of excursions
  • Transportation and fees for planned activities
  • Meals
  • Airport shuttle (air travel not included)

• Month ??-??, 20?? 
• Month ??-??, 20??
• Month ??-??, 20??


Review the TRAVEL BASICS before visiting Suriname.


Day 1 (Arrival)

  • Arrive at L.A. Pengel International Airport, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Eden Suriname representative provides shuttle from airport to hotel
  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 2

  • Breakfast/Greetings
  • Free time to browse local shops and venues
  • Historic Tour of Paramaribo by Cynthia Mc Leod, Suriname Historian, including: 
    • Slave Landing: Site where the African ancestors of the Maroons were brought to the country in the 17th and 18th centuries to work as slaves
    • Elizabeth Samson’s House: Location for Mc Leod’s book, The Free Negress Elizabeth
  • Walk the city and ride through Frimangron, or "the free man's land," an area where the first emancipated slaves were assigned property of their own

  • Dinner at a Javanese restaurant

  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 3

  • Joden Savanna: A Jewish settlement established around 1650 in the jungle along the Suriname River. This is the location of The Cost of Sugar book and movie. Sights include...
    • Synagogue ruins
    • Oldest Jewish cemetery in the western hemisphere
    • Ancient medical wall
  • Visit to eco and cultural resort in the rainforest. Activities include: 
    • Historic hike: Learn about the plantation and natural history of the jungle
    • Riverboat  trip: Travel the densely wooded banks of the Suriname River
    • Eco-friendly adventures: Explore and participate in a variety of activities
  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 4

  • Federiksdorp: A former plantation, restored in 2001, on the right bank of the Commewijne River
  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 5-6

  • Angola tour/Bakaaboto tour: Visit traditional African villages in the rainforest
  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 7

  • Koto Museum: A museum in a house in Paramaribo featuring Kotos, traditional clothing worn by the Creole women, with some garments dating back to the 1860s

  • Lunch at a Creole restaurant
  • Musical entertainment, Alakondre band (Naks)
  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 8

  • Visit a Cathedral or Creole Church
  • Visit modern Creole village
  • Free time to explore the city and shop
  • Dinner/Trip Review/Farewell 
  • Stay at 4-star hotel, Paramaribo

Day 9 (Departure)

  • Eden Suriname representative provides shuttle from hotel to airport
  • Depart J. A. Pengel International Airport, Paramaribo, Suriname

*Subject to change based on local conditions and group needs. Review our TERMS OF SERVICE.



Cost of tour may be paid in full or with a deposit + installments.




African Journey