Get to know Suriname with the guidance of Surinamese writer, historian, cultural expert, and Eden Suriname advisor, Cynthia McLeod. Through an array of thoughtfully-curated sights and activities and talks by McLeod, this tour will provide an up close and personal experience with Suriname. Be prepared to take in the history,  ethnic diversity, architecture, and consciously preserved ecology of Suriname and become enamored by the country's unique cultural and religious tolerance. 

Suriname with Cynthia McLeod is intended for travelers who are looking for a rich and meaningful journey. On this trip, participants will realize opportunities for deeper personal immersion through educational, intellectual, and institutional studies.


What‘s included

  • 10-night stay (lodgings include a 4-star hotel in Paramaribo, a hotel & casino in Paramaribo, an eco and cultural resort in the rainforest, and a nature resort in the rainforest )
  • 9 days of excursions
  • Transportation and fees for planned activities
  • Meals
  • Airport shuttle (air travel not included). Please contact Juliette Somohardjoat of Paramaribo Travel Centre NV (a member of the Association of Suriname Travel Agents) at ptcnv@sr.net or 597-42-2511 for assistance with airline reservations



Review the TRAVEL BASICS before visiting Suriname.


Day 1 (Arrival)

  • Arrive at L.A. Pengel International Airport, Paramaribo, Suriname
  • Eden Suriname representative provides shuttle from airport to hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast/Meet and Greet
  • Central Market and City Center: Get a taste of the authenticity and diversity of the culture and interact with Surinamese people
  • Historic Tour of Paramaribo by Cynthia McLeod, Suriname Historian, including: 
    • Mosque Keizerstraat: The largest mosque in the Caribbean
    • Neveh Shalom Synagogue: A 1723 expansive Dutch-Israeli synagogue. (Friendly neighbor to the Mosque Keizerstraat)
    • Fort Zeelandia: A restored 18thcentury fort
    • Slave Landing: Site where the African ancestors of the Maroons were brought to the country in the 17th and 18th centuries to work as slaves
    • Arya Dewaker Hindu Temple: Opened in 2001 in the heart of the city
    • UNESCO World Heritage Architecture: Historic mansions paralleling the waterfront that appear on this prestigious list
    • Elizabeth Samson’s House: Location for McLeod’s book, “The Free Negress Elizabeth”
  • Dinner at a Javanese restaurant 

  • Enjoy the city’s night life

Day 3

  • Tour along the Commewijne River, including:
    • Fort New Amsterdam: An open air museum
    • Visit beautifully restored plantation houses at Plantation Marienburg, an old sugar plantation, and Federiksdorp, a former plantation restored in 2001
  • Dinner at a fancy antique venue  

Day 4

  • Joden Savanna: A Jewish settlement established around 1650 in the jungle along the Suriname River. Cynthia McLeod discusses Jewish history and heritage. Sights include:
    • Synagogue ruins
    • Oldest Jewish cemetery in the western hemisphere
    • Ancient medical wall
  • Eco-friendly adventures: Explore and participate in a variety of activities, including:
    • Guided historic walk
    • Swim in the pool
    • Dip in the river
    • Riding the tree canopy
    • Kayaking
  • Lunch at the eco and cultural resort
  • Dinner and lecture by Cynthia McLeod

Days 5-7

  • Nature Resort: Explore the rainforest on an island off the coast of Suriname. Experience:
    • Flora and fauna

    • Nature walks

    • Canoe trips

    • Cultural workshops

    • Evening dancing

  • Jaw Jaw and New Aurora tours: Get acquainted with the local population of these traditional African villages of the rainforest
  • Lunch at nature resort before returning to Paramaribo

Day 8

  • Cathedral: Exclusive talk by Cynthia McLeod
  • Koto Museum: This little museum, showcasing something positive and beautiful that arose from slavery, offers a great lesson in social history through fashion. Features a display of traditional clothing and head kerchiefs worn by the Creole women, with some garments dating back to the 1860s
  • Lunch at Koto Museum

Day 9

  • Free time to explore the city and souvenir shop
  • See the rehearsal of Suriname's famous Ala Kondre band
  • Farewell dinner at an Indonesian restaurant

Day 10

  • Breakfast at hotel & casino, Paramaribo
  • Relaxing day at a wellness river resort, including: lunch, massage, swimming, dinner

Day 11 (Departure)

  • Eden Suriname representative provides shuttle from hotel to airport
  • Depart J. A. Pengel International Airport, Paramaribo, Suriname

*Subject to change based on local conditions and group needs. Review our TERMS OF SERVICE.


$1900 (Double occupancy)

A reservation is held with a $250 deposit per traveler. To complete the booking, a $1650 balance per traveler is due 30 days before the tour begins.



Suriname with Cynthia McLeod