These facts can be helpful when preparing for your Eden Suriname tour. Please contact us with any travel-related questions. 


Air Travel

Eden Suriname tours do not include air travel. For assistance with airline reservations, you may contact Juliette Somohardjoat of Paramaribo Travel Centre NV (a member of the Association of Suriname Travel Agents) at or 597-42-2511.

Time Zone

Suriname is one hour ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Travel Documents

U.S. tourists must have a passport valid for 6 months from the date of intended travel and also apply for a tourist card (no application form or picture is required) valid for 90 days. The tourist card can be purchased for $35 at any Surinamese Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Suriname (New York, Washington DC, and Miami) before the intended travel to Suriname or upon arrival at the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport in Suriname.

Travelers who visit Suriname for purposes other than tourism must apply for a visa prior to arrival in Suriname.


The Surinamese dollar (SR$) is the official unit of currency. Some businesses quote prices in euros and US dollars.

Most commercial banks are open from Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM (some are open on Saturday as well) and will accept major foreign currencies.

Credit Cards & Traveler’s Checks

MasterCard and Visa are accepted at the major hotels, some commercial banks, and a few of the larger shops. 

Some banks and hotels will exchange traveler's checks and process credit card advances.



Currents: 110/127 V, 60 Hz. Some major hotels or apartments also offer 220 V connections.

Most power outlets are European-standard 2 round prongs with side grounding. You may also find American-style outlets. 

Phone Calls

TeleSur, the national telephone company, and Digicel sell SIM cards for SR$20. 

To call internationally from Suriname: Dial 00 (the international access code from Suriname to any destination) + the country code + the area code + the number.

The country code for dialing Suriname is +597.

There are no area codes in Suriname.

Internet Access

Most hotels and guesthouses and some cafes offer free wifi.



Travelers who have been in a cholera- or yellow fever-infected area 14 days prior to arrival require health certificates for entry into Suriname. Health requirements can change, so please check with Eden Suriname before your departure. The following diseases are endemic in various areas of Suriname:

  • Yellow fever
  • Malaria

  • Dengue fever

For the latest health information and vaccine recommendations for travel to Suriname, please visit the CDC website.


Tap water is safe to drink in Paramaribo only.



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